It´s with great excitement that we enter Brazil with partner, Gremi International SARL, on an incredible project in Brazil´s Formosa Bay. The extraordinary site, part of the Eco Estrela project, features 6.5 kilometers (4.1 miles) of Atlantic Ocean Beachfront and covers an area of 5,570 hectares (6,350 acres).

The project reflects the sustainability commitments of Six Senses and will feature an innovative approach to wellness not yet seen in South America. The proposed masterplan includes Pool Villas, Family Villas, a Six Senses Spa, stargazing observatory, organic farm and Six Senses Residences available for private ownership. A turtle research center plus a polo field is also planned.

Omar Romero
Vice President, Development, Six Senses Resorts Hotels Spa


The team responsible for the architectural project of Six Senses Formosa Bay is the Sao Paulo based Gálvez&Márton office together with Felipe Bezerra Arquitetos from Natal, RN. Cap Paisagismo a renowned landscaping design company established by Fernando Chacel, considered to be the most important successor of Roberto Burle Marx is in charge of the beautiful landscapes of the future resort. Endemic flora with as little human influence visible as possible will help you find your way back to nature and reconnect with the environment.

The resorts are planned and will be constructed in order to achieve Silver LEED standards.


Key Figures


land area
 (210 Acres)

floor area
(563 308 sqft)



95km to Natal 120km to Joao Pessoa





from new Natal Airport

Investment overview

Gremi International SARL, based in Luxembourg, an international holding company (operating in LU, PL, BR, NL, MC) is developing the “Eco Estrela” project in Baia Formosa, Brazil. It is a new world class, prestige tourism
destination comparable to exotic, luxury locations such as Porto Cervo, Sardinia (Italy), Sotogrande (Spain) or Mayakoba (Mexico).
”Eco Estrela” project located in northeastern Brazil on the corner of the continent is envisaged to comprise of several hotels, resort facilities as well as luxury residential units. Eco Estrela is located on a huge coconut plantation, covering an area of 5,570 hectares (6,350 acres) and with 6.5 kilometers (4.1 miles) of beachfront.

Project implementation is planned in a phased development approach. The projects site’s unique selling propositions are its exceptional location providing a feeling of remoteness and privacy, its potential to offer a range of activities, favorable weather conditions and market trends.

“Gremi International SARL is looking for an Investor for Phase One of the Eco Estrela Project (“Six Senses Formosa Bay”) developed in cooperation with Hotels, Resorts & Spas management company Six Senses ( The final completion of the interior and exterior of the resort – that consists of two beach resorts (a total of 127 units) and 58 branded villas – is planned for 2021. The project currently has all the formal allowances and permits from authorities necessary for this stage of development. Conceptual works are supported by Six Senses, EDSA, Gálvez&Márton, Felipe Bezerra Arquitetos, Cap Paisagismo, Sustentech, PKF Hotel Experts, GT Law Firm, Koury Lopes Advogados, Ernst & Young

A requirement for the developed resorts are Silver LEED standards.

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