Who we are

The project Eco Estrela is owned by GREMI International SARL, an international holding, composed of a number of companies operating in Luxembourg, Poland, the Netherlands, Brazil and Monaco. It was established in 1991 by a polish entrepreneur Grzegorz Hajdarowicz as a private equity general partner firm. Operations of the group are focused on two sectors: real estates and media & technology. Over more than 26 years GREMI was involved in many equity investments in various sectors, including dredging, furniture manufacturing, printing houses, chip card IT systems, heat pumps, hydraulics, financial services (factoring). Through its latest project – Alvernia Planet – it has recently aggregated another area of activities – virtual and augmented reality.



We are happy to work with renomated and experienced companies from the hospitality and investment business.

It´s warm breeze amidst the leaves of coconut palm trees on a heavenly beach.

It brings the image of humming-birds flapping tiny wings among flowers.

It’s abundant, protected nature that reminds paradise and exotic expeditions.

These are kites flying with the wind under the sun.

It´s a sign of a lucky star and serenity, far away from grey ordinary life.


It´s a fusion of lightness and exotics in a modern logo with organic and dynamic forms, filled with optimism, brightness and colorful space.


Located in one of the most privileged areas of the Brazilian Northeast, considering its touristic and real estate potential, the investment site lies on the closest spot in South America to Europe and North America with a coastline of approx. 6,5km.

The investment site covering an area of 2.571 ha is located in northeastern Brazil in the state of Rio Grande do Norte in the city of Baia Formosa.

Between two state capitals of the Northeast region – Natal, state of Rio Grande do Norte (95 km) and João Pessoa, state of Paraiba (120 km).

The new airport, 99 km from Baía Formosa, is supposed to become in the nearest future a strategic airline hub in Brazil.

Decreased tax for aviation fuel from 17% to 12%, for international flights to 9% and 0% for charters – lowest rate in Brazil

Masterplan Dossier

EcoEstrela´s Masterplan has been developed by EDSA – a world reference in planning, landscape architecture and urban design. The result is a combination of natural beauty and an orderly occupation with a nature inspired design.

download the dossier in pdf