Brazilian coastal scheme will grow in harmony with nature.

THE MASTERPLAN for the Eco Estrela project in Brazil Rio Grande do Norte state was unveiled for the first time to the international property sector at his year’s market.

Approval for the 2,500 ha scheme was granted recently and Dragmor, a division of the Gremi Group, is testing the market in Cannes looking for partners to help deliver the sustainable vision for this beautiful coastal site. Located on the north-easternmost tip of the South American continent, the Eco Estrela project boasts 7 km of virgin beaches and 300 days of sunshine per year. A major tourism destination will be developed in harmony with the natural enviroment with 80% of the area left untouched.

It will comprise resorts, boutique hotels, offices, residential areas, a golf course, a technology park, retail and service space. A centre for turtle research and protection is also proposed as well as a community sports centre.
“This is one of the best locations in Brazil to invest,” Dragmor’s Piotr Maj said, “What is more, with so much space available the only limits will be down to our partners’ imagination.”